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de Mattos-Shipley, K. M. J., Spencer, C. E., Greco, C., Heard, D. M., O'Flynn, D. E., Dao, T. T., Song, Z., Mulholland, N. P., Vincent, J. L., Simpson, T. J., Cox, R. J., Bailey, A. M., & Willis, C. L. (2020). Uncovering biosynthetic relationships between antifungal nonadrides and octadrides. Chemical science, 11(42), 11570-11578.

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Duecker, F. L., Heinze, R. C., & Heretsch, P. (2020). Synthesis of Swinhoeisterol A, Dankasterone A and B, and Periconiastone A by Radical Framework Reconstruction. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(1), 104-108.

Duecker, F. L., Heinze, R. C., Mueller, M., Zhang, S., & Heretsch, P. (2020). Synthesis of the Alleged Structures of Fortisterol and Herbarulide and Structural Revision of Herbarulide. Organic letters, 22(4), 1585-1588.

Eggert, A., Etling, C., Lübken, D., Saxarra, M., & Kalesse, M. (2020). Contiguous Quaternary Carbons: A Selection of Total Syntheses. MOLECULES, 25(17), [3841].

Ekramzadeh, K., Brämer, C., Frister, T., Fohrer, J., Kirschning, A., Scheper, T., & Beutel, S. (2020). Optimization of factors influencing enzyme activity and product selectivity and the role of proton transfer in the catalytic mechanism of patchoulol synthase. Biotechnology progress, 36(2), e2935. [e2935].

Elgaher, W. A. M., Hamed, M. M., Baumann, S., Herrmann, J., Siebenbürger, L., Krull, J., Cirnski, K., Kirschning, A., Brönstrup, M., Müller, R., & Hartmann, R. W. (2020). Cystobactamid 507: Concise synthesis, mode of action, and optimization toward more potent antibiotics. Chemistry - A European Journal, 26(32), 7219-7225.

Elmuradov, B., Dräger, G., & Butenschön, H. (2020). Novel π-Extended Quinazoline-Ferrocene Conjugates: Synthesis, Structure, and Redox Behavior. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020(23), 3430-3440.

Feng, J., Surup, F., Hauser, M., Miller, A., Wennrich, J-P., Stadler, M., Cox, R. J., & Kuhnert, E. (2020). Biosynthesis of oxygenated brasilane terpene glycosides involves a promiscuousN-acetylglucosamine transferase. Chemical communications, 56(82), 12419-12422.

Fiorini, F., Borgonuovo, C., Ferrante, M. I., & Brönstrup, M. (2020). A metabolomics exploration of the sexual phase in the marine diatom pseudo-nitzschia multistriata. Marine drugs, 18(6), [313].

Showing entries 61 - 70 out of 761
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