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Schoenmakers, L. L. J., Reydon, T. A. C., & Kirschning, A. (2024). Evolution at the Origins of Life? Life, 14(2), Article 175.
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Victoria, C., Schulz, G., Klöhn, M., Weber, S., Holicki, C. M., Brüggemann, Y., Becker, M., Gerold, G., Eiden, M., Groschup, M. H., Steinmann, E., & Kirschning, A. (2024). Halogenated Rocaglate Derivatives: Pan-antiviral Agents against Hepatitis E Virus and Emerging Viruses. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 67(1), 289-321.


Abdelmoniem, A. M., Ramadan, M. A., Ghozlan, S. A. S., Butenschön, H., & Abdelhamid, I. A. (2023). New Azacycles by One-Pot Three-Component Hantzsch-Like Synthesis of Tetra(hexa)azacyclopenta[a]anthracenes, Tetraazaindeno[5,4-b]fluorenes, and Oxatetraazacyclopenta[m]tetraphenes. CHEMISTRYOPEN, 12(3), Article e202300009.
Aladin, V., Sreemantula, A. K., Biedenbänder, T., Marchanka, A., & Corzilius, B. (2023). Specific Signal Enhancement on an RNA-Protein Interface by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. Chemistry - a European journal, 29(16), Article e202203443.
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Alekseychuk, M. (2023). Biomimetische Semisynthesen von terpenoiden Naturstoffen. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.
Ammermann, J., Meyer, J., Donner, J., Reck, M., Wagner-Döbler, I., & Kirschning, A. (2023). New Demethylated Derivatives of Carolacton and Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) Studies on Their Biofilm Inhibitory Properties. Synthesis (Germany), 55(13), 1961-1983.
Bassiony, E. F. A. (2023). Engineering the fungus trichoderma reesei for bio-production of secondary metabolites and oils. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.