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List of Publications Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirschning

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Wildhagen, M., Pudenz, T., Nguyen, T., Kirschning, A., & Beutel, S. (2023). Biokatalytische Ganzzellproduktion des Sesquiterpens Presilphiperfolan-8β-ol in stoffwechseloptimierten Escherichia coli. Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik, 95(4), 576-586.

Schulz, G., George, V., Taser, D., & Kirschning, A. (2023). Taming Bromine Azide for Use in Organic Solvents: Radical Bromoazidations and Alcohol Oxidations. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 88(6), 3781-3786.

Podrezova, E. V., Okhina, A. A., Rogachev, A. D., Baykov, S. V., Kirschning, A., Yusubov, M. S., Soldatova, N. S., & Postnikov, P. S. (2023). Ligand-free Ullmann-type arylation of oxazolidinones by diaryliodonium salts. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 21(9), 1952-1957.

Koller, T. O., Scheid, U., Kösel, T., Herrmann, J., Krug, D., Boshoff, H. I. M., Beckert, B., Evans, J. C., Schlemmer, J., Sloan, B., Weiner, D. M., Via, L. E., Moosa, A., Ioerger, T. R., Graf, M., Zinshteyn, B., Abdelshahid, M., Nguyen, F., Arenz, S., ... Müller, R. (2023). The Myxobacterial Antibiotic Myxovalargin: Biosynthesis, Structural Revision, Total Synthesis, and Molecular Characterization of Ribosomal Inhibition. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145(2), 851-863.


Nikolaiczyk, V., Irwan, J., Nguyen, T., Fohrer, J., Elbers, P., Schrank, P., Davari, M. D., & Kirschning, A. (2022). Rational reprogramming of the sesquiterpene synthase BcBOT2 yields new terpenes with presilphiperfolane skeleton. Catalysis Science and Technology, 13(1), 233-244.

Tran, C. D., Dräger, G., Struwe, H. F., Siedenberg, L., Vasisth, S., Grunenberg, J., & Kirschning, A. (2022). Cyclopropylmethyldiphosphates are substrates for sesquiterpene synthases: experimental and theoretical results. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 20(39), 7833-7839.

Kirschning, A. (2022). On the Evolutionary History of the Twenty Encoded Amino Acids. Chemistry - a European journal, 28(55), [e202201419].

Kirschning, A. (2022). On the evolution of coenzyme biosynthesis. Natural product reports, 11.

Wunderlich, S., Haase, A., Merkert, S., Jahn, K., Deest, M., Frieling, H., Glage, S., Korte, W., Martens, A., Kirschning, A., Zeug, A., Ponimaskin, E., Göhring, G., Ackermann, M., Lachmann, N., Moritz, T., Zweigerdt, R., & Martin, U. (2022). Targeted biallelic integration of an inducible Caspase 9 suicide gene in iPSCs for safer therapies. Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical Development, 26, 84-94.

Praditya, D. F., Klöhn, M., Brüggemann, Y., Brown, L. E., Porco, J. A., Zhang, W., Kinast, V., Kirschning, A., Vondran, F. W. R., Todt, D., & Steinmann, E. (2022). Identification of structurally re-engineered rocaglates as inhibitors against hepatitis E virus replication. Antiviral Research, 204, [105359].


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