List of Publications Prof. Dr. Andreas Kirschning

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Kirschning, A. (2021). The coenzyme/protein pair and the molecular evolution of life. Natural product reports, 38(5), 993-1010.
Harms, V., Ravkina, V., & Kirschning, A. (2021). Mechanistic Similarities of Sesquiterpene Cyclases PenA, Omp6/7, and BcBOT2 Are Unraveled by an Unnatural "fPP-Ether" Derivative. Organic letters, 23(8), 3162-3166.
George, V., & Kirschning, A. (2021). A Stable and Safe Form of Iodine Azide: Polymer-Bound Bisazidoiodate(I). SynOpen, 5(2), 104-107.
Kösel, T., Dräger, G., & Kirschning, A. (2021). Oxidative azidations of phenols and ketones using iodine azide after release from an ion exchange resin. Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 19(13), 2907-2911.
Kirschning, A. (2021). Coenzymes and their role in the evolution of Life. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 60(12), 6242-6269.
Schulz, G., Victoria, C., Kirschning, A., & Steinmann, E. (2021). Rocaglamide and silvestrol: a long story from anti-tumor to anti-coronavirus compounds. Natural Product Reports, 38(1), 18-23.


Oltmanns, M., & Kirschning, A. (2020). Subsupercritical Water Generated by Inductive Heating Inside Flow Reactors Facilitates the Claisen Rearrangement. SYNLETT, 31(19), 1942-1946.
Wesemann, F., Heutling, A., Wienecke, P., & Kirschning, A. (2020). First ring-expanded maytansin lactone accessed by a new mutasynthetic variant. ChemBioChem, 21(20), 2927-2930.,
Schulz, G., & Kirschning, A. (2020). Metal free decarboxylative aminoxylation of carboxylic acids using a biphasic solvent system. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 19(1), 273-278.
Kösel, T., Schulz, G., Dräger, G., & Kirschning, A. (2020). Photochemical transformations with iodine azide after release from an ion-exchange resin. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 59(30), 12376-12380.,