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Lücke, D., & Kalesse, M. (2022). Chiral Polyoxygenated Tertiary Alcohols through Kiyooka Aldol Reaction. SYNLETT, 33(12), 1117-1122.
Meng, X., Yu, H., Zhang, X., Li, Y., Zamanian, K., & Yao, H. (2022). Fertilization Regimes and Nitrogen Cycling in Paddy Fields: Lessens for Agricultural Sustainability from a Meta-Analysis.
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Nikolaiczyk, V., Kirschning, A., & Díaz, E. (2022). Lipoxygenase-catalysed co-oxidation for sustained production of oxyfunctionalized terpenoids. Flavour and fragrance journal, 37(4), 234-242.
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Ozkan, G., Stübler, A. S., Aganovic, K., Draeger, G., Esatbeyoglu, T., & Capanoglu, E. (2022). A comparative study on physicochemical properties and in vitro bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds in rosehip (Rosa canina L.) infusions treated by non-thermal and thermal treatments. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 46(6), Article e16096.
Ozkan, G., Kostka, T., Dräger, G., Capanoglu, E., & Esatbeyoglu, T. (2022). Bioaccessibility and transepithelial transportation of cranberrybush (Viburnum opulus) phenolics: Effects of non-thermal processing and food matrix. Food Chemistry, 380, Article 132036.
Peukert, C. (2022). Using iron to catch a ride: Synthetic siderophores as molecular 'Trojan Horses' to visualize and treat MDR bacterial pathogens. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.
Praditya, D. F., Klöhn, M., Brüggemann, Y., Brown, L. E., Porco, J. A., Zhang, W., Kinast, V., Kirschning, A., Vondran, F. W. R., Todt, D., & Steinmann, E. (2022). Identification of structurally re-engineered rocaglates as inhibitors against hepatitis E virus replication. Antiviral Research, 204, Article 105359.,
Romêro Boston, G. M. (2022). An investigation into the anionic thia-Fries rearrangement in metal π-complexes. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.