List of Publications Maximilian Bauer

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Alkubaisi, B. O., Sebastian, A., Bauer, M., Sultan, S., El‐Awady, R., Wehbe, A., Yassin, M., Vunnam, S., El‐Gamal, M. I., & Al‐Tel, T. H. (2023). Divergent Strategy for the Synthesis of Indolopyrazines Fused to Benzopyrimidinones and Benzimidazoles: Identification of Antiproliferative Molecules. CHEMISTRYSELECT, 8(46), Article e202303730.
Jahangir, M. M. R., Aguilera, E., Ferdous, J., Mahjabin, F., Asif, A. A., Ahmad, H., Bauer, M., Cobeña, A. S., Müller, C., & Zaman, M. (2023). Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from rice based agricultural systems calculated with a co-designed carbon footprint calculation tool. Advance online publication.
Heretsch, P., & Bauer, M. (2023). Biogenesis-Inspired Synthesis of Penicillitone. Synthesis, 55(9), 1322-1327.


Schütz, C., Hodzic, A., Hamed, M., Abdelsamie, A. S., Kany, A. M., Bauer, M., Röhrig, T., Schmelz, S., Scrima, A., Blankenfeldt, W., & Empting, M. (2021). Divergent synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-(trifluoromethyl)pyridines as virulence-attenuating inverse agonists targeting PqsR. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 226, Article 113797.