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Ansarullah, Jain, C., Far, F. F., Homberg, S., Wißmiller, K., von Hahn, F. G., Raducanu, A., Schirge, S., Sterr, M., Bilekova, S., Siehler, J., Wiener, J., Oppenländer, L., Morshedi, A., Bastidas-Ponce, A., Collden, G., Irmler, M., Beckers, J., Feuchtinger, A., ... Lickert, H. (2021). Inceptor counteracts insulin signalling in β-cells to control glycaemia. NATURE, 590, 326-331.,

Banerjee, S., Szepes, M., Dibbert, N., Rios-Camacho, J-C., Kirschning, A., Gruh, I., & Dräger, G. (2021). Dextran-based scaffolds for in-situ hydrogelation: Use for next generation of bioartificial cardiac tissues. Carbohydrate polymers, 262, [117924].

Becker, K., Kuhnert, E., Cox, R. J., & Surup, F. (2021). Azaphilone Pigments from Hypoxylon rubiginosum and H. texense: Absolute Configuration, Bioactivity, and Biosynthesis. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021(36), 5094-5103.

Becker, K., Pfütze, S., Kuhnert, E., Cox, R. J., Stadler, M., & Surup, F. (2021). Hybridorubrins A-D: Azaphilone Heterodimers from Stromata of Hypoxylon fragiforme and Insights into the Biosynthetic Machinery for Azaphilone Diversification. Chemistry - A European Journal, 27(4), 1438-1450.

Boston, G. M. R., Frank, I., & Butenschön, H. (2021). Anionic Thia-Fries Rearrangement at Ferrocene: A Computational and Experimental Study. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 104(4), [e2100025].

Eggert, A., Etling, C., Millbrodt, L., Schulz, G., & Kalesse, M. (2021). Oxazaborolidinone-Mediated Asymmetric Bisvinylogous Mukaiyama Aldol Reaction. Organic letters, 23(22), 8722-8726.

Eriksson, O., Velikyan, I., Haack, T., Bossart, M., Evers, A., Lorenz, K., Laitinen, I., Larsen, P. J., Plettenburg, O., Johansson, L., Pierrou, S., & Wagner, M. (2021). Drug Occupancy Assessment at the Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide Receptor by Positron Emission Tomography. DIABETES, 70(4), 842-853.

Essoung, F. R. E., Mba'ning, B. M., Tcho, A. T., Chhabra, S. C., Mohamed, S. A., Lenta, B. N., Ngouela, S. A., Tsamo, E., Hassanali, A., & Cox, R. J. (2021). Antifeedant and ovicidal activities of a new cassane and other compounds from Caesalpinia welwitschiana Oliv. and Caesalpinia bonducL. against Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Natural product research, 35(24), 5681-5691.

Fino, R., Lenhart, D., Kalel, V. C., Softley, C. A., Napolitano, V., Byrne, R., Schliebs, W., Dawidowski, M., Erdmann, R., Sattler, M., Schneider, G., Plettenburg, O., & Popowicz, G. M. (2021). Computer-Aided Design and Synthesis of a New Class of PEX14 Inhibitors: Substituted 2,3,4,5-Tetrahydrobenzo[F][1,4]oxazepines as Potential New Trypanocidal Agents. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 61(10), 5256-5268.

Fisher, L., & Cox, R. (2021). RSC Advances Editorial: retraction of falsified manuscripts. RSC Advances, 11(7), 4194-4195.

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