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Research - drug release (Target)

Targeted drug delivery

Products from TotalSyn, SynBio and BioMed are combined with target-specific ligands (e.g. iron oxide nanoparticles, macrophages) for specific drug targeting and release

In our group a concept that combines drug delivery, targeting and release was developed that relies on nontoxic superparamagnetic ironoxide nanoparticles (SPION) – maytansinoid conjugates that bear a heat sensitive linker. Release of the toxic maytansinoid is achieved by inductive heating of the SPION which activates the thermosensitive linker. Proof of concept was demonstrated for cancer cell lines (in vitro) and for solid tumours (in vitro). For successful drug delivery and targeting  we exploit the fact that in our case liver-specific macrophages are able to take-up nanoparticles including our SPION – maytansinoid conjugates and these macrophage transport systems undergo apoptosis followed by liberation of the toxin in an oscillating electromagnetic field. 

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