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Research - Pathway Elucidation

Pathway Elucidation

We decipher plant biosynthetic pathways, to obtain fundamental insights into plant biochemistry, to discover novel enzymes and enzyme mechanisms and to make better access to medicinally important natural products possible. To achieve this, we use an interdisciplinary approach:

  • Bioinformatics: We search transcriptome and genome data and select suitable gene candidates
  • Molecular biology: Gene candidates are cloned into suitable vectors for expression in E. coli, yeast or plants
  • Biochemistry: Heterologously produced enzymes are used in enzyme assays to determine their activity and to elucidate enzyme mechanisms
  • Plant Science: We use gene silencing to test the function of gene candidates in plants
  • Analytical chemistry: We use analytical methods like GCMS, LCMS and NMR to monitor enzyme reactions and to characterise intermediates
  • Synthetic chemistry: Synthetic methods are used to generate missing biosynthetic intermediates, to introduce isotope labels or to make fluorescent derivatives.
Metabolic Engineering