Research groups
Carlomagno group

Integrative Structural Biology

Former research group Prof. Dr. Teresa Carlomagno

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Prof. Carlomagno has moved to the University of Birmingham (UK) in October 2021.


To be able to develop new drugs, it is necessary to uncover the molecular basis of the disease. Therefore, it is essential to understand which cellular processes are at the basis of the disease of interest and how they are regulated.

Our research focuses on the structural and functional biology of large bio-molecular complexes with enzymatic activity, including protein and RNA-protein (RNP) complexes. Our philosophy is to image the particle at several key stages during its functional cycle using an integrative approach that combines structural data at multiple levels of resolution. We use this “dynamic” structural imaging to elucidate the molecular basis of activity and regulation of the molecular complex. Subsequently, we exploit this knowledge to design small molecule binders that are able to modulate the enzymatic activity of the particle for either in vivo functional studies or drug development.