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List of Publications Dr. Linn Karen Müggenburg


Haase, L., & Weisz, K. (2020). Locked nucleic acid building blocks as versatile tools for advanced G-quadruplex design. Nucleic acids research, 48(18), 10555-10566.

Haase, L., & Weisz, K. (2020). Switching the type of V-loop in sugar-modified G-quadruplexes through altered fluorine interactions. Chemical communications, 56(33), 4539-4542.

Haase, L., Dickerhoff, J., & Weisz, K. (2020). Sugar Puckering Drives G‐Quadruplex Refolding: Implications for V‐Shaped Loops. Chemistry – A European Journal, 26(2), 524-533.

Haase, L. (2020). Sugar-modified guanosine analogs as versatile tools for shaping G-quadruplex architectures.


Haase, L., Karg, B., & Weisz, K. (2019). Manipulating DNA G‐Quadruplex Structures by Using Guanosine Analogues. CHEMBIOCHEM, 20(8), 985-993.


Haase, L., Dickerhoff, J., & Weisz, K. (2018). DNA–RNA Hybrid Quadruplexes Reveal Interactions that Favor RNA Parallel Topologies. Chemistry - A European Journal, 24(57), 15365-15371.


Dickerhoff, J., Haase, L., Langel, W., & Weisz, K. (2017). Tracing Effects of Fluorine Substitutions on G-Quadruplex Conformational Changes. ACS chemical biology.


Karg, B., Haase, L., Funke, A., Dickerhoff, J., & Weisz, K. (2016). Observation of a Dynamic G-Tetrad Flip in Intramolecular G-Quadruplexes. Biochemistry.