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Williams, K., Szwalbe, A. J., de Mattos-Shipley, K. M. J., Bailey, A. M., Cox, R. J., & Willis, C. L. (2022). Maleidride biosynthesis - construction of dimeric anhydrides - more than just heads or tails. Natural product reports.

Li, L., & Cox, R. J. (2022). Stereochemical and Biosynthetic Rationalisation of the Tropolone Sesquiterpenoids. Journal of Fungi, 8(9), [929].

Shenouda, M. L., Ambilika, M., Skellam, E., & Cox, R. J. (2022). Heterologous Expression of Secondary Metabolite Genes in Trichoderma reesei for Waste Valorization. Journal of Fungi, 8(4), [355].


Feng, J., Hauser, M., Cox, R. J., & Skellam, E. (2021). Engineering aspergillus oryzae for the heterologous expression of a bacterial modular polyketide synthase. Journal of Fungi, 7(12), [1085].

Shenouda, M. L., Ambilika, M., & Cox, R. J. (2021). Trichoderma reesei contains a biosynthetic gene cluster that encodes the antifungal agent ilicicolin h. Journal of Fungi, 7(12), [1034].

Xu, H., Schotte, C., Cox, R. J., & Dickschat, J. S. (2021). Stereochemical characterisation of the non-canonical alpha-humulene synthase from Acremonium strictum. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 19(39), 8482-8486.

Becker, K., Kuhnert, E., Cox, R. J., & Surup, F. (2021). Azaphilone Pigments from Hypoxylon rubiginosum and H. texense: Absolute Configuration, Bioactivity, and Biosynthesis. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021(36), 5094-5103.

Schotte, C., Lukat, P., Deuschmann, A., Blankenfeldt, W., & Cox, R. J. (2021). Understanding and Engineering the Stereoselectivity of Humulene Synthase. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 60(37), 20308-20312.

Kahlert, L., Bernardi, D., Hauser, M., Ióca, L. P., Berlinck, R. G. S., Skellam, E. J., & Cox, R. J. (2021). Early Oxidative Transformations During the Biosynthesis of Terrein and Related Natural Products. Chemistry – A European Journal, 27(46), 11895-11903.

Hagestad, O. C., Hou, L., Andersen, J. H., Hansen, E. H., Altermark, B., Li, C., Kuhnert, E., Cox, R. J., Crous, P. W., Spatafora, J. W., Lail, K., Amirebrahimi, M., Lipzen, A., Pangilinan, J., Andreopoulos, W., Hayes, R. D., Ng, V., Grigoriev, I. V., Jackson, S. A., ... Rama, T. (2021). Genomic characterization of three marine fungi, including Emericellopsis atlantica sp. nov. with signatures of a generalist lifestyle and marine biomass degradation. IMA FUNGUS, 12(1), [21].

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