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Habib OMA, Zhao-Karger Z, Abdelhamid IA, Wartchow R, Butenschön H. Phthalimide tricarbonylchromium complexes: Synthesis, characterization, nucleophilic addition, and unanticipated syn adduct formation upon addition of propynyllithium. European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2010 Sep 10;(31):6072-6083.

Ma J, Kühn B, Hackl T, Butenschön H. Transannular addition of phenols to 1,1′-dialkynylferrocenes: Unanticipated formation of phenoxy[4]ferrocenophanedienes. Chemistry - A European Journal. 2010 Jan 28;16(6):1859-1870.

Werner G, Lehmann CW, Butenschön H. The first anionic thia-fries rearrangements at ferrocene: Ready access to trifluoromethylsulfonyl-substituted hydroxyferrocenes and an extremely high interannular stereoinduction between cyclopentadienyl ligands. Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis. 2010 Mai 20;352(8):1345-1355.


Butenschön H. Synthesis by Substitution of Hydrogen or Metals. in Science of synthesis : Houben-Weyl methods of molecular transformations: Category 5 : Compounds with one saturated carbon-heteroatom bond. Band 40a. 2009. S. 157-201

Butenschön H, Vinokurov N, Baumgardt I, Pietrusiewicz KM. (S μp,S μp)-(-)-(E)-1,2-Bis(methyl-phenyl-phosphino-yl)ethene. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online. 2009 Mär 18;65(3).

Butenschön H. Übergangsmetallkomplexe in der Organischen Chemie. Chemkon. 2009 Apr 23;16(2):77-82.

Cohen S, Ma J, Butenschön H, Herber RH. Metal atom dynamics in four triferrocenylmethane derivatives and the crystal structure of Fc3COH. Dalton Transactions. 2009 Aug 11;(33):6606-6609.

Garabatos-Perera JR, Wartchow R, Butenschön H. [1.1]Ferrocenophane-1,12-dione as a precursor of 1,12-di(cyclo-penta-2,4- dienylidene)-[1.1]ferrocenophane, a doubly bridged difulvene. Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis. 2009 Mai 12;351(7-8):1139-1147.

Garabatos-Perera JR, Butenschön H. New chiral ferrocenyloxazolines: The first planar chiral triferrocenylmethane derivative and its use in asymmetric catalysis. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2009 Feb 10;694(13):2047-2052.

Hussain M, Kohser S, Janssen K, Wartchow R, Butenschön H. The first η5-indenylnickel chelate complexes with a pendant phosphane tether. Organometallics. 2009 Jul 6;28(17):5212-5221.

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