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photo credit: Angela Triltsch, Picture People

Dr. Kai Rossen

Editor-in-Chief ACS Journal Organic Process Research & Development

Phone: + 49 162 1313 793

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Kai Rossen received his Diploma in chemistry in Germany, an M.S. (with Maurice Brookhart) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his PhD (with Bruce Ganem) from Cornell. After beginning his career at Bayer, he joined the Process Research Department of Merck & Co. in Rahway. He was involved in the synthesis of several currently marketed drugs and developed the first catalyst based on a planar chiral design element, Phanephos.

After returning to Germany in 2000, he worked for the Fine Chemicals Division of Degussa (now Evonik) before re-entering the pharmaceutical industry in 2005 where he is in chemical development at Sanofi in Frankfurt. Dr. Rossen's research focuses on devising cost-efficient synthetic strategies to interesting chemical matter, whether for compounds in medicinal chemistry or products on the market. In addition to the laboratory groups he leads, Dr. Rossen is responsible for representing Sanofi in global green chemistry networks, and he serves as the sponsor for Ph.D. theses supported by Sanofi.